Fortnite Copied CS:GO? – xQc Plays Fortnite Duos #4

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32 thoughts on “Fortnite Copied CS:GO? – xQc Plays Fortnite Duos #4

  1. I don’t like any battle royal game so I don’t care for fortnite but the csgo game mode can be fun most of the time, It’s probably because I don’t have a PC yet so I never got the chance to play csgo

  2. As much as I dislike fortnite, I can't deny that when xQc duos with random people in it, it makes for some of the funniest conversations and content of all time. I love this. Especially when he plays with kids that just don't know what to say.

  3. Didn't understand when people were spamming 'copied csgo', like Search & Destroy came out on COD first… does that mean CSGO copied COD??? No, it's just a common fucking game mode lmao

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