Fortnite Creative Hunger Games Mode! – Code Inside | Swiftor

We’ve all seen Hunger Games modes before, even in Fortnite Creative, but you haven’t seen one by JeffVH. And you haven’t seen one with this tragic of a beginning too. Big thank you to Slogoman for joining in – always good times and great ideas!

Map Code: 3896-6646-3450
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39 thoughts on “Fortnite Creative Hunger Games Mode! – Code Inside | Swiftor

  1. How are you so bad??? Missing two chests. Walking around 10 minutes without doing anything… This is hunger games. Go get a gun as soon as possible and start killing people… You ever played minecraft hunger games??? If yes you should know how that mode works…. Smh
    This is not ttt "oh i didnt mean to betray you" wtf!???

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