Fortnite In Depth: Weapon Stats & Tier List (Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay)

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Fortnite weapon stats are starting today on Fortnite In Depth! I’m covering rare weapons, weapon tiers, full auto rifles, Scar rifles, shotguns, SMGs, pistols, launchers, and snipers to let you know if it worth your life to trade out a grey / green / blue / purple / gold weapon. There is also some discussion about weapons that dominate others like SMG being bad and auto rifles being better than burst rifles. I hope you enjoy!

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38 thoughts on “Fortnite In Depth: Weapon Stats & Tier List (Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay)

  1. Not sure what is up with the 360p. I uploaded a nice crisp 1080p 60fps video and let it process for 3 hours. I guess YouTube just decided to be uncooperative today.

  2. Im so tired of having a blue pump, shooting someone in the head at point blank and them still killing me with a tac smg. Or me having a tac smg and them killing me with one shot to the head at point blank. Even when i have 100 100. I know headshots are happening cause iv gone back and watched the replay every time. Pisses me off

  3. i know at the end of the video u said u might just focus on specefic guns for videos but i honestly enjoyed the general information. its especially helpful to newer players and as updates come out for fortnite it would be nice to see an updated version for this.

  4. Why are you giving advice, when you admit you haven't played much. Stick to hand pumps, and bursts, not tacs and AR, this game gives you instant access to cover at all times, peek style game play is very common, Burst weapons are best. Same reason people don't use SMG much, it's not good for peek style. Sustain weapons are bad in fortnite.

  5. Wrong bro, burst is better for head shots, and if you have cover, burst can fire 3 shots for only 2 in response from an AR user, so in a peeking battle, burst is better. Burst can one shot much easier.

  6. Well, should give the full details on shotguns. Only pumps can one shot a 200 shield person, even grey can do it though, on a head shot (225 grey). Heavy legendary comes second at 192 damage.

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