Fortnite Mobile – Before You Buy

Fortnite Battle Royale has made its way to iPhones (Android on the way). Does this 100 player multiplayer game make sense on mobile phones? Let’s talk.
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34 thoughts on “Fortnite Mobile – Before You Buy

  1. So, I just updated my phone a grabbed the game because of all of the hype surrounding it of late. I'm a teacher and this is literally ALL my students talk about ALL the time! Thanks for the video, I'm not a good gamer by any stretch (mostly slow reflexes), but I LOVE video games (really all things Fanboy). These videos really help me put my thoughts and opinions through a filter. Thanks!

  2. next game that comes to mobile will be for sure some indie games..
    Hello neighbour
    Bendy and the ink machine
    the forest….

    more pvp games (good ones)
    cod Bo5 (cod bo4 comes out soon)
    then more gta
    Gta 6,7??
    then idk but im sure that could be real

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