Fortnite Mobile KEYBOARD and MOUSE for ANDROID & iOS (Gamesir X1)

Fortnite Mobile! Working KEYBOARD and MOUSE controller for Fortnite Mobile Android and Fortnite Mobile iPad, iPhone, iOS!
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Fortnite Mobile! Today, I will teach you how to connect a keyboard and mouse to Fortnite Mobile. Fortnite Mobile is a really popular battle royale game that is released on iPhones, iPads, iOS and soon going to get released on Android devices. Currently, there is no supported bluetooth controllers that work for fortnite mobile until now! You are able to use a keyboard and mouse for Fortnite Mobile iOS and Fortnite Mobile Android when you are able to download Fortnite Mobile android edition. The full keyboard and mouse support makes it super easy to control your Fortnite Mobile character and win more Fortnite Mobile matches. If you want to learn more aobut my Fortnite Mobile educational videos, make sure to subscribe and turn on the notifications so you will never miss epic Fortnite Mobile videos such as the Fortnite Mobile Android release date, how to dowload Fortnite Mobile android and more! If you want more Fortnite Mobile videos on my channel comment “more” only if you are a frequent Fortnite Mobile player! Let me know in the comments sections if I should make another tutorial how to connect a controller to Fortnite Mobile for both Android and iOS! Enjoy my video!

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38 thoughts on “Fortnite Mobile KEYBOARD and MOUSE for ANDROID & iOS (Gamesir X1)

  1. If u guys wanna play with the x1 download the fps dock and when downloaded connect Bluetooth then update the x1 then in Bluetooth unconnect and forget the device and then press ctrl and f2 then it will change to ios then connect then go to fps dock then go to game mapping config choose screenshot the go to the controls on the game u play the take a secreenshot then go to fps dock and choose the screenshot of the controls then go to config and choose pubg mobile official config and move the keys to your like and when your done save it and connect the x1 to your iPhone then in the game mapping config press download the go to the game and happy gaming!
    NOTE: the mouse and keyboard doesnt work if you are not in a game it only works when u jump into a game so you dont get banned?
    Plz like cuz it writed it for hours?

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