Fortnite vs Apex Legends – Which do YOU think is better? (Apex has 50,000,000 PLAYERS!)

Fortnite or Apex Legends! Which game is the best?

Fortnite has dominated gaming for over a year but Apex Legends might take down one of the biggest games we’ve seen since Minecraft. Apex and Fortnite are both great Battle Royale games but which one is better and which one should you play?


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Jake Paul stole my video so I tried to copyright strike him:

The End of Ninja:

6 Reasons why TFUE WINS so much:

How to Win Any 1v1 Fight:

Be a PRO Sniper:


36 thoughts on “Fortnite vs Apex Legends – Which do YOU think is better? (Apex has 50,000,000 PLAYERS!)

  1. Ok this is MY opinion and you guys don't need to get mad over a comment when I say this But I think apex legends is trash when I played it I shot a guy so much and he didn't die and he killed me and second I like fortnite one u can build cover two it doesn't take forever to kill someone three it has ,wraps,ALOT I mean alot of skins and emotes and it is cartoonish but I like it so I'm saying this is my opinion so u don't have to say shut up to me or something and Idc if fortnite is dying and on apex I don't really like how the skins fortnite u don't have abilitys but in apex u do.. but in fortnite there's sheild bubbles..sheilds..minis some stuff u can drive in apex there is sheilds too but I really don't know since I don't play it I only played it once to try it out but there is packs and stuff… And that's all my opinions

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