Fortnite Vs. PUBG: Which Is The Best Battle Royale Game? | Versus

PUBG and Fortnite: Battle Royale are two of the biggest games in the world right now, but which one is best? Fighting for PUBG is Oscar Dayus and repping Fortnite is Dave Jewitt. Watch and decide who you think argued their case better in our poll!

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37 thoughts on “Fortnite Vs. PUBG: Which Is The Best Battle Royale Game? | Versus

  1. It sort of depends on what people will play what game… for e.g, like Oscar was saying PUBG is a more open game which sort of forces you to fight more, and on the other hand Fortnite you can build on a smaller map with more natural structures leaning it to more defensive players.

  2. all u suckers u know fortnite better u just emotional that pubg can't be compared. pubg like ohh I shot u first I get the kill where in footnote you can build and both players have a chance to win

  3. For me i think fortnite is complex than pubg. Pubg feels more realistic and hardcore than fortnite,in fortnite u need to very skillful to build those barriers and at same time defend yourself,but pubg is still simple and best.

  4. Though PUBG costs money and fortnite is for free. IF PUBG is for free IT WILL BE MORE POPULAR THAN Fortnite Cause PUBG IS THE BEST BATTLE ROYALE ever.

  5. i can give u 10 reasons fortnite is way better
    10. its free
    9. theres cool skins
    8. theres cool gamemodes
    7. fortnite don't look like it was made 10 years ago
    6. theres cool things you can earn in the battlepass
    5. its way more creative
    4. there funny stuff
    3. theres shopping carts u can ride
    2. theres cool emotes
    1. theres llamas (instant win)

    thats my list why i think fortnite is better, don't put stupid hate comments because this is what i think i don't care what u think. Thank you! 😀

  6. I like both games but there's something both get wrong when it comes to realism:
    stamina of the character. Pubg probably tweaked it so it is fast enough so people don't ger bored of slow pace

  7. Fortnite attenpts to appeal the casual player, as pubg appeals to more time invested players. Pubg time and time again shows the skill gap between players. As to frortnite, in which a “no skin” can get 1 lucky shot that does 225 to your 9 to 50. Plus, bloom is such an unnecessary concept. It makes it seem luck is more important than skill ??‍♂️

  8. Fortinite is for people who don't have skills pubg is people who have skills because in fortinite you can just build forts and hide in them in pubg you can't do that in pubg you have go around and kill the people without building stuff every time

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