Free Kicks From FIFA 94 to 18

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The history/evolution of Free Kicks from FIFA 94 to FIFA 18.

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Free Kicks From FIFA 94 to 18

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Free Kick Takers (Nationality, Club played for in the video):
FIFA 94 – Fictitious Player (EA All Stars)
FIFA 95 – Fictitious Player (Real Madrid)
FIFA 96 – Ricardo Gomes Raymundo (Brazil, SL Benfica)
FIFA 97 – Dieter Eilts (Germany, Werder Bremen)
FIFA 98 – Roberto Carlos (Brazil, Real Madrid)
FIFA 99 – David Beckham (England, Manchester United)
FIFA 00 – Luis Figo (Portugal, FC Barcelona)
FIFA 01 – Zinedine Zidane (France, Juventus)
FIFA 02 – Alessandro Del Piero (Italy, Juventus)
FIFA 03 – Juninho (Brazil, Olympique Lyonnais)
FIFA 04 – David Beckham (England, Real Madrid)
FIFA 05 – Roberto Carlos (Brazil, Real Madrid)
FIFA 06 – Andrea Pirlo (Italy, AC Milan)
FIFA 07 – Ronaldinho (Brazil, FC Barcelona)
FIFA 08 – Ronaldinho (Brazil, FC Barcelona)
FIFA 09 – Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal, Manchester United)
FIFA 10 – Frank Lampard (England, Chelsea FC)
FIFA 11 – Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal, Real Madrid)
FIFA 12 – Taye Taiwo (Nigeria, AC Milan)
FIFA 13 – Lionel Messi (Argentina, FC Barcelona)
FIFA 14 – Gareth Bale (Wales, Real Madrid)
FIFA 15 – Luis Suarez (Uruguay, FC Barcelona)
FIFA 16 – Memphis Depay (Netherlands, Manchester United)
FIFA 17 – Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden, Manchester United)
FIFA 18 – Neymar Jr. (Brazil, Paris Saint-Germain)
*real players weren’t added til ’96
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36 thoughts on “Free Kicks From FIFA 94 to 18

  1. I love listening to all the old commentators, hearing them say the exact same words I hear Martin Tyler and Alan Smith say every time I play now. I used to remember the old FIFAs looking a lot more realistic, but I've realized its just cuz fifa changes so little, and fifa 99 came out so long ago that my brain has just filled in the gaps with FIFA 19 graphics. I cant wait to see what features they remove in fifa 20!

  2. Am I the only one who is not really good at free kicks
    oh and for free kicks really changed in fifa 97
    And I wish free kicks were as easy as they were in fifa 98

  3. For me FIFA 15 is best. Every single thing is in FIFA 15. You get good animation good gameplay. Unlike Fifa 13 that has good animation on everything but gameplay is pathetic. The ball is bouncing when you pass it. You shouldn't need much memory like FIFA 18 or 19. So for me FIFA 14 and 15 is the best.

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