GTA 4 vs GTA 5 Gun Sounds

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Grand Theft Auto IV vs Grand Theft Auto V – Weapon comparison (Sounds & Animations)

33 thoughts on “GTA 4 vs GTA 5 Gun Sounds

  1. I love the amount of nostalgic people down there, even i am a SA nostalgic but i don't deny the great work they did with V as opposed to IV
    Even San Andreas is superior to IV in my opinion. Yes, IV had a really good story and good physics, what else? Nothing, the gameplay looked like it was downgraded from SA, overall customization was really poor as opposed to SA or V.
    Personally, i find the story to be one of the least important parts of a GTA game, seriously, if i wanted a good story i would have played Final Fantasy, Sleeping Dogs, or those games who focus more on story.
    The multiplayer was not bad in IV, but i really prefer the V one, more things to do, more variety in everything. I mean, i enjoyed it as opposed to IV one, which i played for 1 or 2 hours at most

    To make a simple comparation:
    GTA IV: overall good story, better physics
    GTA V: better and more varied gameplay and customization, better online

  2. I love the punchy gun sound from GTA 4, the ones in GTA 5 is not satisfying at all for me, even the shotguns (which is usually easily satisfying) sounds muffled or something.
    That and also the physics engine with its ragdoll contribute greatly to the gunplay in GTA 4 for me.
    (the reloads sucks balls tho ?)

  3. in my opinion gta 4's story was incredibly generic, guy from some other country goes to america trying to find a new life, gets caught up in the crime world, gets deeper in the crime world, gets betrayed, main character kills the guy betraying him.

  4. unlike most kids with the gta series. i played IV and V. gta V is honestly not THAT great. i had alot more fun with gta IV despite the improvements gta v made to gameplay. GTA IV FTW

  5. I think GTA V guns are better, sounds and textures are more realistic, animations are also better but too fast, the only real problem is recoi

    Before you all try to kill me, i'm only talking objectively about the guns, i know GTA IV guns are more fun to use, i played both games

  6. Am I the only one who doesn’t the gun sounds in GTA 4, they sound so awkward and janky. Plus the rate of fire is too slow for the vast majority of guns in the game are inaccurate (particularly the Carbine Rifle/M4 & Micro SMG/UZI)

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