GTA 5 – How To Lose The Cops Quickly!! (Tips And Tricks)

GTA 5 – How To Lose Cops Quickly – This video demonstrates the best ways to “Lose the cops in GTA 5” With some simple awesome tips that will “Lower your wanted level” in seconds. Make sure to subscribe for more “GTA 5 tips and tricks”
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45 thoughts on “GTA 5 – How To Lose The Cops Quickly!! (Tips And Tricks)

  1. I usually just go to the closest sewer since I kinda know where all the entrances are, if you go deep enough nobody will follow you and nobody will search there. tho it is kinda time consuming so I looked up vids like this just to see if there are better ways

  2. Learn where all the metro tunnels are. Always use the RH tracks as the metro trains come towards you on the LH side. Cops will only follow you into the tunnels if they are right on your tail and they will give up the deeper you drive into the tunnel. There is a metro tunnel only a couple of streets away from the Union depository car-park. Use this during the Big Score and it makes a 5 star warning a piece of cake. Never had any trouble losing cops. Metro tunnels make it so damn easy. Also, if you're in a helicopter just head to the coast and fly up (or down) the coastline until the cops give up. You can easily outrun police helicopters in any helicopter. For a 1 or 2 star just land your helicopter on any high building. Cops can't get to you up there and give up very quickly.

  3. I find it easy to get to a beach steal a boat or jet ski and ride as far out as you can till you lose the cops, or you can go left,right,left right repeatedly and I'll get you further away from them a little bit faster

  4. Man, I don't know. I've tried a couple of these methods, and the cops still found me. Tried jacking cars when no cops were around, and the stars were blinking, but they still found me. Maybe there can't be any witnesses at all, around? Also, tried hiding in the same bushes you did in this video, but they got me. Maybe I wasn't in the biggest bush, but I was in the same area that you were in this video.

  5. If you need tips on how to lose the cops when you have less than 3 stars then you are LAME! You see, there is this little blue radar thingy on your minimap that shows you where the cops can see you. STAY OUT OF THE BLUE RADAR. DUH! You don't even have to race around except to get out of their radar. Hit some side street where they aren't looking and sit there and wait. If they get close, then move. Everything else you can do to 'hide' from the cops, like parking, switching cars, etc all work with low wanted levels but they are also not necessary. It's almost always faster to just avoid the cops radar and wait until your wanted level goes away.

    If you have 3 or more stars, then none of these tricks will be very useful because it's almost impossible to shake them enough for these tricks to work.

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