GTA 5 – How to Make $2.1 Billion

IGN shows you how to make more than two billion (with a ‘B’) dollars via the stock market assassination missions in Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4 / Xbox One and PS3 / Xbox 360.

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24 thoughts on “GTA 5 – How to Make $2.1 Billion

  1. This method works well for those with $100Mill plus (works well with any amount).

    -Step one – Complete game & assassination missions: invest appropriately to maximize endgame money. You should have about $500Mil after the assassination missions.
    -Step two – Open LCN Stock market – look for stocks doing terribly with large changes between highs and current values. (down 30+ – points is preferred). You're best off with stocks that plateau at sunken low points, typically at the end of a steady decline spanning five days or so (look at the graphs).
    -Step three – quick save game to be safe – invest 99% of your money into a stock like the one mentioned above. You want to buy as low as possible with a stock that has shown previously high numbers in the past.
    -Step four – sleep – sleep – sleep until your stock recovers (Sleep without saving the game).This could take a couple in-game weeks to be successful – shoot for 7 – 9% return rates – when done successfully and patiently you can make profits of 17 – 25 million on average when investing 400mil into a stock.
    -Step five – repeat. The more you do this method, the easier it gets.

  2. I completed the story and already did all of Lester’s missions DONT U LOVE FINDING STUFF THAT MAKES U TONS OF MONEY IN GTA after u completed the game for the 7th time thinking u made the most amount of money GODDAMNIT YT LET ME SEE THIS BEFORE I COMPLETE GAMES

  3. It's really nice but how many times do you have to sleep for every single one of them the multi-target assassination Vice assassination bus assassination and construction assassination like does anyone know

  4. For anyone doing this in 2020 on ps4, its a little different than this. One trick I noticed was after finishing the bus assassination and sell high, save it. It usually helps if you reload after you save but once you do you can sleep and watch the gold coast development stock rise and drop, it can go as low as 30 something but by this time you have at least half a billion. so even if you bought at a price of 14.22, and sold at 14.87 or even 15, you will get anywhere from 17 to 30 million. then just save it and reload it and keep doing it untill you have enough and do the last assassin mission. I mean that should be well enough for anything but

  5. After this use all your money and invest in life invader and sleep once then sell if it's 0.6-0.9 I have 320M and I get 2M return every time and its 2M a day which is 14M a week and so on

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