GTA 5 on PC: Cheat Codes Vs. Freight Train – IGN Plays

While fooling around in GTA with a handful of cheats turned on, we had a sudden encounter with a speeding locomotive.

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38 thoughts on “GTA 5 on PC: Cheat Codes Vs. Freight Train – IGN Plays

  1. wait wait wait we waited this long for it to arrive on pc and this is how the graphics look? looks exactly the same as ps4 and xbox  graphics pft i think i'll just stick with console version no point in wasting more money

  2. PC SU-

    Okay let's stop right there.

    Why do people hate PC gaming so much?

    The only downfall playing on PC is that you have to upgrade hardware more often.

    In the end let's face it some games are better on PC and some games are better on consoles.

    If this has grammar or spelling mistakes or if you don't agree with me I'm sorry. It just my opinion and no one has to follow me because of it and the whole "In the end let's face it" part might have took it a bit to far if that's the case again I'm sorry.

  3. Do you console gamers actually spend time playing games or are you just hanging around on YouTube and Facebook ready to talk shit about PC gamers as soon as there is a video/post related to PC gaming?

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