GTA 5 ONLINE: Best Golf Tips – How To Play Golf & WIN Every Game! #1 (GTA V Multiplayer)

Chaz shows you the basics of playing Golf in GTA 5 Online.

46 thoughts on “GTA 5 ONLINE: Best Golf Tips – How To Play Golf & WIN Every Game! #1 (GTA V Multiplayer)

  1. Thank you so much for providing such a detailed video. I know absolutely nothing about golf. Never could hit that ball so don't care for it lol. I couldn't get through a full game I was always over. This is so helpful ! Especially explaining the color at the hole I never understood what the game was trying to describe. Thanks a bunch !

  2. If they only put in a shot clock. People take waaay to long to play. I had enough time to go make a sandwich, eat it, go to the toilet and wait for it to come out before the guy finally hit the ball. Its like this video. Over 4 years and STILL no part 2. Its fun when playing alone though.

  3. Thanks for this awsome video I was a minute in and already learned that you could change the clubs and I was playing golf in this game for 3 years ever since it came out. thanks havent even finished the video and amazed thanks you got a new sub and like 🙂

  4. here's a few things for how to improve your golf
    Keep fit
    Position your feet correctly
    Learn the best body posture
    (I read these and the reasons they work on Gavs Golf Tactic website )

  5. I remember playing golf in GTA IV TBoGT. I was a pro. Hitting the flag every time and screwing around. I arrive in LS and now I can barely pull of a par.

  6. Thanks, I learned a lot from this video. I have 99.8% and only need to finish on par or below in order to get 100% and this video honestly improved my golf skills. Hopefully I'll finish on par or below soon, earlier today I finished +1 which was a bit frustrating.

  7. Nice video dude, I'm on the task to reach the 100% of the game and need to win a golf match 'cause I only have 99.8%.  And believe me but I haven't noticed about the "wind factor" till now and this video could be helpful to finally win a game and get the 100% but I have a doubt, does this wind factor affect also when we're playing into the green with the ball near the hole? I think not but better to ask than to keep the doubt, thanks in advance 😀

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