GTA 5 VS Watch Dogs Map! Watch Dogs Map VS Grand Theft Auto 5 Map! (GTA V)

GTA 5 VS Watch Dogs Map! Watch Dogs Map VS Grand Theft Auto 5 Map! (GTA V)
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45 thoughts on “GTA 5 VS Watch Dogs Map! Watch Dogs Map VS Grand Theft Auto 5 Map! (GTA V)

  1. Gta 5 is junk rockstar still has classic bad graphics dum rockstar glichez city too small cars are not true to what there are trying to b not enuff missions/money from missions. needs better over all custom choices. Pointless bs like golf tennis need to go better ways to make moneylike sellin drugs

  2. all Guys are like… dont compare these 2 games….
    why not compare these games?
    both games are open world games… 
    i like to see a comparison.. even i did a comparison myself..
    i love to see comparison between different games..!!!
    MrBossFTW keep up the good work! (y)
    and yes.. watch dogs is a good game to play..
    but after story line is completed there is nothing much to do..
    where in GTA V the game have a replay ability ..

  3. I love both games; primarily because of their equalised, fundamental distribution of omitted satire upon the American culture. Oh, how much disdain I have for the propaganda of which is the United States. I'm glad there are games out there exploiting this imperialism, allowing me to express my rage onto innocent people. Death to the imperialists!

  4. I bought this game yesterday and to me its very difficult to navigate with this map. The "blips" move and sometimes you endup a block away once you get out of your car. Also. The game seems very incomplete and overall was not worth the money.

  5. Grand Theft Auto 5 was solid, but Watchdogs blows it way out the water and is far better. The graphics, cutscenes, gameplay, all favor Watchdogs. You can do things in Watchdogs that you couldn't do in video games before like hack people's phones for money and songs, set up a battle ground with you and a lot of guys and don't have to just shoot them to kill them but use remote explosives and drop cranes and stuff on them. Its just an all around better game.

  6. Watch dogs seriously got boring after I beat the story and started doing side missions. Having hundreds of thousands of dollars from hacking accounts that I can't spend on shit. The story was great to me. I play on the PS4 and graphics look nice but if GTA 5 comes to the PS4… Best believe I won't hesitate to throw watch dogs out for GTA

  7. WatchDogs is a lot deeper than GTA V. WatchDogs has a better stealth mechanic, and GTA V tried to have stealth but it failed miserably. WatchDogs had a lot more side quests than GTA V. WatchDogs has a hole bunch of mini games such as the Spider thing.

  8. This game is another example of people judging video games based on trailers. I can't count the number of times people said how this game will trump GTAV and it's going to be the greatest game ever. All those judgement before the game was even released…where are those people now? lol

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