GTA IV Characters Appears in GTA V

GTA IV characters appears in GTA V! I didn’t film all of scenes for certain characters as i don’t want to stuff up my drive as i got other videos for others.
The characters are:
Johnny Klebitz
Clayton “Clay” Simons
Terrence “Terry” Thorpe
Karen Daniels (Michelle)
U.L. Paper
Rocco Pelosi
Patrick McReary (Packie)
Poppy Mitchell
Marnie Allen
Albert Di Napoli
Brucie Kibbutz

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50 thoughts on “GTA IV Characters Appears in GTA V

  1. Why is everyone defending pussy ass GTA 4 characters? Played both and GTA 5 is far superior in every single way possible, fuck GTA 4 Trevor the best he fucked bitch ass Johnny up cuhh.

  2. A little spoiler for UL Paper:

    Cannonically (and somehow), he survived the events of The Wrap Up. He appears in the Doomsday heist in GTA Online.

  3. It's funny to me how many people don't realize that Rockstar has been killing off characters from previous games (or… future games… like with San Andreas and GTA 3) for a loooong time now.

  4. I have just beaten the Lost and the Damned the day before GTA 5 came out. I really liked Johnny. Let's just say I was shocked to see what happend Not 24 hours later.

  5. They're disrespecting IV because R* doesn't have fond memories of it. When you have a huge falling out with your leading actor, it soils the game in its entirety. R* has a much better connection with V's actors and therefore had a better experience with the release, regardless whether or not IV was objective better from a fan perspective.

  6. I, while I agree with why you're upset, think it was one of the best and most badass ways they could've introduced Trevor. That's who he is. In his own words, A "walking combat situation." He's dangerous, unpredictable, and unstoppable. There is no doubt that Trevor could kill Johnny, and he did. While "disrespectful," this scene is why Trevor is one of my favourite Rockstar protagonists, along with Niko, John (Marston, not Kleibetz) and Arthur. That's just my opinion.

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