GTA IV vs GTA V – Then Vs Now! | The Leaderboard

The Grand Theft Auto series has evolved significantly over the years and we look at the differences between GTA IV and GTA V. We’ll compare gameplay mechanics, characters, guns, graphics, settings, and soo much more!

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21 thoughts on “GTA IV vs GTA V – Then Vs Now! | The Leaderboard

  1. I just played both for the first time. Since there is no nostalgia attached I can easily say 5 is so much better. With that being said, 4 is great, but anything I could’ve complained about was fixed or made better in 5.

  2. GTA V is more fun. More variety in everything. Faster pace of action. A lot of people talk about story, but I don't think it's as important as long as there's "motivation" in characters. I do praise GTA IV that it has great environment and details to physics.

  3. "it wasn't until GTA IV that the soundtrack really became an essential part of the game"

    what are you smoking? have you ever played any of the previous GTA titles?

  4. Just an FYI, the Xbox one and PS4 version came out in September 2014, while the PC version came out a while after in April of 2015. In the video you stated the PC version came out with the 360 and PS3 versions and you made it sound like the game was better on consoles which its definitely definitely not. Also the PC version was considered to be Biggest graphics leap in GTA V with 4K resolution and textures.

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