GTA Online: 5 MONEY TIPS FOR BUNKERS – How To Make Huge Amounts of Money

5 Things You Should Know About Making Money From Bunkers in GTA Online

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27 thoughts on “GTA Online: 5 MONEY TIPS FOR BUNKERS – How To Make Huge Amounts of Money

  1. For what I learned, if you go afk and buy supplies 75,000 without 2x bonus on sales, you make around 120k$ profit overall as the player I have (203 I guess without too many things to pay for) I pay around 13k every 20mins so that's what added up. but if I do the cocaine as well while afk I'll make even more.
    If you sell with a buddy in a full server you'll make even more profit.

    With that said I think I haven't even considered the fact that I always sell to Los Santos and it adds up a couple more $$$

    I've also understood that doing research is useless as you pay almost the same money when you just buy the researches. So save up and buy them when you can, you don't have to wait all that time and waste your home power bill for the researches at least.

    FELLAS don't forget to dust off the consoles. Try to clean with compressed air very lightly, I recently opened my ps4 and it was played only in home and been taken care of. Mother f#$%er was full of dust.

  2. So we pretty much are spending almost 2 million dollars for upgrades and then spending another 75,000 to purchase the equipment to make 250 dollars? Then we got to keep doing it until we make over the million we spent?

  3. Guys please!! Help me it's been 3 days since I bought the bunker and I am constantly running out of supplies and I am getting no stock!!? Litterly I bought supplies for 75k and now all supplies are gone and I have zero percent stock I am filling up the supplies but I never made a single dollar from my bunker and it's been 3 real days and like 12 in game days

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