GTA Online Diamond Casino And Resort 10 Tips And Tricks

This is a tips and tricks video for the Diamond Casino And Resort DLC for GTA Online. I am covering new changes and features in this DLC that people have may have seen or missed.

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48 thoughts on “GTA Online Diamond Casino And Resort 10 Tips And Tricks

  1. The penthouse decorations you can all just buy in your penthouse however I did find out there are ones that are not available in the penthouse but just the store it’s the double sided ones the largest ones. I am happy they changed nightclub popularity and added a new property. What do you guys think of it? Also check out my friend SaucerCats channel he has great guides on time trials . Also also take a look at Gtamen’s collectible video. He has a good video on all the card locations here

  2. I finally won the podium vehicle yesterday… The day after they removed the oppressor… Even though I have the mk2 I still wanted it. I got the grotti super car.. Sucks you can only sell it for 9k… It’s over a 2 million dollar car..

  3. Im a mostly solo player, have a ceo crate warehouse and upgraded counterfeit cash business. I have a bunker but its not updated yet. Would you recommend i upgrade the bunker next or get a nightclub and terrorbyte

  4. The needing to host the mission is massive BS…but has been since I remember. Even with the Dooms day veicules discounts…You grind with a team and only the host gets the discounts…not right.

  5. I know this is an old vid but ppl might wanna know that the champagne isn’t just a cut scene , it goes into your character emotes and can be used to dump on 2nd and 3rd place in arena wars – u also didn’t mention the new make it rain emote

  6. TheProfessional is like that guy who sits in the seat in front of you and hands you a piece of paper with facts on it while MrBossFTW is the guy who sits behind you and gives you false information.

  7. 5% chance of winning the car from the wheel, ? I’ve won at least 6 cars so far! I also took my 1000 visitor bonus and turned into over $1 million playing blackjack! Great videos man ?

  8. I think it makes sense that only the host gets the car, as that person spent money on buying the penthouse. However, if another player also has the penthouse, then I agree that that player should also get the car without having to host.

  9. Dude omfg this is his worst video yet and it's totally put me off him. Half of this video had nothing to do with the casino at all it's how we should do other stuff and the little bits of info he had didn't apply to missions or was literally the most basic things about how the casino works which the game tells you. He's literally put no effort into this and has basically dragged random crap together to make content then plastered it with the name of the casino to get views

  10. You can call up Ms. Baker while out in world, and she can offer you a few services. You can Request Work of course, but you can also ask for a luxury car to be delivered (which your player drives) or you can request a limousine. The limo will take you to the casino automatically or you can mark anywhere on the map to be taken to. It does not skip it, much like the taxi service, but you can hurry the driver which will drive more like a player and less like an NPC. It's available for all VIPs of the casino and I know I use it often.

  11. I actually have a problem with this new Casino update.. in fact I’m being unable to play any kind of casino games and it always say in the upper left hand corner “ these games aren’t for you” meaning i’m not allowed to play! Why mmeee!!!?? T_T

  12. If anyone plays on Xbox One, drop your GT and we can play. I'm looking for heist players and mission players. Heists, I do 40/20/20/20….please don't ask for more, but happy to play with anyone not wanting a cut (I know a few people who donate their cut because they're nice/just want to play/already rich AF). I won't ask you to do that tho….but 40/20/20/20 is VERY fair

    I've never played all the way through any of the heist stuff with a permanent crew to get the reward, so would love to do that.

  13. n°11: If you don't have any friends to play with, you can call the limo driver and evade the cops with him. Don't forget to spam "start" after each time you shot your weapons so he doesnt stop from driving. Meanwhile, you can tell him about your day alone on GTAO, this way you might entertain the hope you'll have somewhere to go on Christmas.

    He even waits for you if you die, like a true friend.

    Otherwise, if you happen to be a youtuber, and have ton of friends, find a lobby full of people, pack the limo with a bunch of expendable ones, and try to survive, while the driver does his best to get trough his day job alive to come back to his children, and pay his mortgage.

    If you stop before reaching the purple way-point, you can even exit the limo, rob a store, then proceed to the next one with your loyal best friend, Limo Ventura. He will wait for you, hoping to have a share of the profit to pay for the aforementioned mortgage. Are you going to?

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