GTA Online Guide – How to Make Money with Import / Export DLC

A complete guide on how to make the most money possible with the new GTA Online business Import / Export and its features in GTA Online.

Voice over by Gtamen:
Thanks to vdvac90, rooij14_NL, TheRaptor8000, Joe9411 and Maury121 for helping us with this video!

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39 thoughts on “GTA Online Guide – How to Make Money with Import / Export DLC

  1. Dude, I never get any NPC's coming after when I sell them to a specialist dealer. Like, never 🙂 And is it just me or is there no cooldown anymore on these?

  2. Just disconnect ur internet and connect it back right after, everyone should leave, but it should still be considered a public lobby.

    If ur lucky enough u can get in one of professionals lobby's where nobody will kill u since they are all grinders


    If you have the La Mesa Warehouse, Listen up.

    -there are 4 waves of npc cars on a specialist modification sell mission
    -go to a nearby yard full of supplies and things,
    -park the car way from your character because the NPC's are going after you, not the car
    -go to a head glitch or something like that (Always have aim assist on)
    -just destroy all eight cars in the 4 waves that they come in
    -drive safely to the sell point with no damage (depending on driving skill) WATCH OUT FOR SWERVING NPC'S THEY ARE RUTHLESS
    -easy 80,000
    -repeat three times in 1 hour, easy 240k in 1 hour.

    -you can actually make up for the 60,000 you loose in mods by following this "template" if you will
    -Start of your grind session by selling a vehicle
    -source a vehicle (assuming you can only source high end)
    -do a headhunter(20,000) or hostile takeover(16,000)
    -sell vehicle again with the tips i gave above for max profit
    Easy 300k per hour and that's just import/export shit

    Also, its in your best interest to get into a public solo session

  4. Thanks this helped. I’ma use a chopper for collecting cars also if anyone needs it,10 standard and 10 mid range cars in you garage will keep giving you top range cars an make sure that you are in a lobby where no one will damage your cargo, try going in a public solo with a friend and deliver the cars your self so then enemies don’t spawn (if you are in a server by yourself and you try to deliver cars emeries will spawn)

  5. Best warehouse location is the one next to Maze Bank Arena.
    It has excellent access to both the west coastal and main northern highways, and its right next to the LS helipad for calling in a cargobob.

  6. a lot of people in the comments mad about 1,000,000 cars only profiting 100,000 but it’s realistic, you don’t own the car, nor do you sell it, you export/deliver it. And, you can make 1,000,000 in about an hour or two because of selling these cars, but that’s good, especially because it’s easy to do these missions, but you also need to be present, you can’t be as hands off as you can in doing things like selling cocaine in a motorcycle club, these are high paying, short hands on missions, just because they aren’t worth around 1,000,000 dollars doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of completing

  7. Just know when selling the vehicles to the specialist the AI enemies will spawn in a specific location at a resonable diatance from your warehouse after maybe 2 vehicles sold you should know where they would spawn when u reach that area get out of the car and fight all of the enemies this will lead to them hitting you not the car it doesnt matter if you die just kill them there will be 4 waves of 2 enemy cars and 4 enemies altogether in one wave once they get kill they wont spawn so u can get to the buyer without gettng shot

  8. Let me save you 20 minutes. Buy an office, Buy a vehicle warehouse. Source 10 low end and 10 medium end cars. Then you only get high end cars, which can make you up to 80k each time. Why the fuck is this video 20 minutes?

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