GTA Online Heists – Criminal Mastermind Guide and Tips & Tricks

Grand Theft Auto: Heists – Full walkthrough guide for the Criminal Mastermind Challenge and tips & tricks on how to easily get $10.000.000 dollars in GTA Online

GTA Online Heists Walkthrough Playlist:




HEIST #1 – The Fleeca Job
5:38 – Fleeca Job – Scope Out, Kuruma and Heist Finale

HEIST #2 – The Prison Break
6:51 – Prison Break – Plane
7:15 – Prison Break – Bus
7:39 – Prison Break – Station
8:39 – Prison Break – Wet Work
9:31 – Prison Break – Heist Finale

HEIST #3 – The Humane Labs Raid
11:31 – Humane Raid – Key Codes
11:48 – Humane Raid – Insurgents
12:37 – Humane Raid – EMP
13:34 – Humane Raid – Valkyrie
14:34 – Humane Raid – Deliver EMP
15:21 – Humane Raid – Heist Finale

HEIST #4 – Series A Funding
16:41 – Series A – Coke
17:32 – Series A – Trash Truck
18:36 – Series A – Bikers
19:36 – Series A – Weed
20:16 – Series A – Meth
20:49 – Series A – Heist Finale

HEIST #5 – The Pacific Standard Job
22:15 – Pacific Standard – Vans
22:47 – Pacific Standard – Signal
23:56 – Pacific Standard – Hack
24:51 – Pacific Standard – Convoy
26:45 – Pacific Standard – Bikes
27:32 – Pacific Standard – Heist Finale

● The bonus for completing the Elite Challenge in the Heist Finale is $100,000.
● The bonus for completing each heist finale for the first time is $100,000.
● The bonus for completing all heist setups and finales in order is $1,000,000 (All in Order Challenge).
● The bonus for completing all heist setups and finales with the same team is $1,000,000 (Loyalty Challenge).
● The bonus for completing all heist setups and finales, in order, with the same team and without losing any lives is $10,000,000 (Criminal Mastermind Challenge).


Video recorded on: Sony PlayStation 4


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36 thoughts on “GTA Online Heists – Criminal Mastermind Guide and Tips & Tricks

  1. hi im looking for a good team on xbox one to do criminal mastermind and you must be a level 100 or over and you must have a mic to accept this my gamertag is Blazeninja75 my gamerpic is an face with yellow eyes and a white smile and a black background

  2. Hey I’m gathering people to do this I’m level 300 atleast 3 other people requirements are level 100+ and up I will take lower levels possibly and that’s it my psn is: CreamPieIffy-_-

  3. I’m gonna need a Trustworthy and Good team to pull this off. I play on Xbox One, My Gamertag Is Inna Rhino. I need 2 People to Join. If Interested, Send me an Xbox Message.

  4. Me and my friends need a 4th person from Europe. We are all very experienced with the heists, we just need a 4th person who is taking it seriously. PSN: FaZeGhost_LA

  5. See I think if I had 3 other me’s I’d be able to do it. I hope my friends understand that we don’t need like 4 cars to go everywhere and everyone doesn’t have to be rushing in.

  6. I acctually completed the challenge, i had 2 really good players and 1 that tells us what to do which is me, and got all that money, but me, beeing an idiot spend all that money on a yacht and oppressor mk 2

  7. Hi guys I need friends to help me achieve this trophy and if guys really want to my friends it's ASSASSINFBOMB that's my game tag so pls pls help me achieve this trophy I'll see ya all and I'm available 10am to 12am Monday through Friday and on weekends anytime /time zone/MT(Mountain time)

  8. I have done the fleeca job and prison break with some randoms.if i do the heists from the begining with same team and without dying etc, will i get the criminal mastermind reward?

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