GTA Online How I Make $4,000,000 A Day Guide , Two Different Methods!

My guide on how I hit $4,000,000 a day. I have two different methods here. One is from my former import export solo with a combination of the bunker and MC businesses and the other is involving quickly running the doomsday heist with 2 players. Skip to 10:19 if you want to see method number 2. Playlist Money Guides-
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49 thoughts on “GTA Online How I Make $4,000,000 A Day Guide , Two Different Methods!

  1. I get like 120 k per import export cat and I can do around 5 per hour if I’m rushing so if you have it set up just do that. (This is for people who don’t have a whole lot of businesses)

  2. 3:07 I just leave my controller in a certain angle so my camera keeps on spinning. Or nowadays I do casino heist setups.

    Edit: tbh if you have a friend willing to take 15% for the Casino Heist you can get 4 million in 5-6 hours just by doing casino heist. And add that to bunker/biker businesses that's a lot.

  3. I need money. This dude here says I need a bunker. Bro, how tf am I gonna get a bunker with no money? It is unbearable with these tryhard oppressor riding a.holes around who have nothing to do but missle the shit outta people.. I can barely finish a damn misson without being sniped or blown up and you are telling me to get a bunker, lol

  4. Well how am I suppose to upgrade the bunker and the weed farm and coke and all that! I don’t have the money!!! I just spent hours doing ceo crates and filled a ware house with 42 crates and sold it in a lobby with 18 players and only got 808500$ 🙁

  5. On last week's double money on VIP work, I made over 5 million in exactly 9 hours and 52 minutes of constant grinding from 12pm to 2am. I bought some equipment for my businesses, nightclub, and such afterwards.

  6. for the people making comments about needing to be rich to do any of this. regular missions pay out decent. spam the hell out of them, martin missions and rons missions are easy to take care of and you'll be popping heads fast break lvl 20 and get your ap pistol and it becomes much easier, sell the cars whenever you can to los santos as he mentioned. just those 2 things alone and a couple missions before a break you will have 100k – 300k no problem. do it a couple times. you have your penthouse, keep at it, you have a armored karuma, and the rest is just safe grinding from there. spend wisely. avoid making a fancy car, get your ceo and motorcycle clubs as soon as possible. and you'll go from a few hundred k. to at least a mil a day. <— its a grind. it wasn't ment to happen in a day. if it was, your glitching hard

  7. You should add in how much money you lose while leaving your character watching TV. A full nights of AFK and you will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars man. Dont go AFK if you own all the businesses

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