GTA Online Rockstar Blocks Side Door And Adds More Cops In The Casino Heist

Me talking about Rockstar’s latest hidden patch in the Casino Heist. They have blocked the most popular side door after the staircase and added more cops on the race track.
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37 thoughts on “GTA Online Rockstar Blocks Side Door And Adds More Cops In The Casino Heist

  1. Yet there’s a glitch where if you go aggressive and to the roof exit you lose keycard access and although there is a keycard, there is no symbol on the map and you cannot leave.

  2. I have a question. I hope some one can help me. I own Arcade in Paleto. Never did heist because people leave some times even before arriving to the Casino. It's frustrating.
    I want to buy one in LS but is it worthy buy it full price or better wait for a good deal, discount price you know.
    Thanks in advance

  3. This is why i encourage money glitching cause these scumbag devs go out of there way to fix extremely minor glitches that help players but major game breaking bugs arent not even addressed. Assholes

  4. I’m done with rockstar now honest to god im absolutely finished with this company I’m not playing this daft game just to get stressed out I don’t play games that stress me n now i realise all rockstar want to do is make this game as stressful as possible. Never again will i give this company money I’ll be avoiding anything with a rockstar logo like it’s the fucking plague

  5. You've done it to yourselves. Taking the piss and doing it too much and trying to find ways to cheat it and do it quicker. It's all your own fault. PLAY the fucking GAME. I swear if most people were so concerned with making as much money IRL the world would be full of millionaires.

  6. Theres also a new patch where on big con you could take a shortcut to the security tunnel where you turn right before the casino and you go under a tree on a grass patch, however there is now two stone rocks in the way so you can't shortcut to the security tunnel

  7. Rockstar: What you're making money as an honest player???? DENIED!
    Also Rockstar: modders, money glitches, people spawn killing you and teleporting? Nah never heard of it

  8. Just run right after the exit, you need to knock 1 guy out and then run on the very left above the tunnel entrance. You will actually get to the getaway vehicles faster too

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