GTA V vs Watch Dogs [Side by Side]

GTA V vs Watch Dogs
Graphic & Audio Comparison

Both games are recorded in 720p and 30fps

My thoughts:
GTA V on PS3 fought well against Watch Dogs on PC.
You can see Watch Dogs have more realistic look &
GTA V with rich colors is more beautiful look. It’s the
matter of taste who wins this comparison.

My PC Specs:
GPU : Nvidia GTX560 TI ASUS
CPU : AMD Phenom II 710 x4 3.25ghz
Memory : 4.00 GB of RAM

Watch Dogs Settings: All High

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25 thoughts on “GTA V vs Watch Dogs [Side by Side]

  1. damn u compare watch dogs 2 sequel instead to gta 5 and not the first sequel cuz its graphics is from gta 4 and here for correction
    GTA 4 vs Watch Dogs
    GTA 5 vs Watch Dogs 2

  2. i cant believe all of the coments down below are fighting witch games are better or have better graphics. they're just games for you to enjoy,for me both of them are best game.

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