HIGHLY STRATEGIC Apex Predator Gameplay! – Nicewigg Apex Legends PC Gameplay

What’s up y’all! Back with another video, this time some predator gameplay with Calamiti and Average Aden. Calamati is another controller player as well and Aden just recently switched over to mouse and keyboard. The comms were great and gameplay was on point. Some nutty moments in these games with some sweaty teams. Enjoy the gameplay!


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29 thoughts on “HIGHLY STRATEGIC Apex Predator Gameplay! – Nicewigg Apex Legends PC Gameplay

  1. Just hit plat 1 solo queue. Just 2 days ago I was plat 4 and never used my mic. For anyone stuck with "bad teammates" while solo queueing I really just recommend hopping on the mic and communicating because it makes a huge difference.

  2. I agree with Wigg about people not playing after they hit Pred, but most people aren't necessarily bad to the point where they don't play Ranked. Maybe they just don't have a squad, maybe they think Pred lobbies are harder then pubs (lol), or maybe they are good, just not in the mood to sweat

  3. Hey guys, when Nicewigg says he uses 5-4 in sensibility, does that mean he switches between the two or that he uses 5, and 4 when he aims ?
    Just curious 🙂

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