How SCUF Helps You Win at Fortnite | SCUF Gaming

Watch this video for a demo of how SCUF’s advanced controller features can help you win more games at Fortnite.

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43 thoughts on “How SCUF Helps You Win at Fortnite | SCUF Gaming

  1. I have one, honest review is the deadzones are true. Your aiming will be off, but don’t exaggerate, it’s barely noticeable, unless you have HIGH sensitivity. Building in Fortnite is an advantage. My only problem is that if you let go of the analog sticks your player and aiming will move on it’s own to a certain direction, barely but very noticeable

  2. Don’t buy scud I bought a controller and it broke with in a month also it automatically turns on cancel when charging and if you are play and charging it will automatically turns itself on and have you select the account you want to play on

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