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38 thoughts on “HOW TO ALWAYS WIN IN ZOMBIE MODE | PUBG Mobile Tips

  1. its best to take all ammos u can find even if its not needed for your weapon cus when u ran out of ammo and see a gun and doesnt have bullets…u dead lol its a really helpful one

  2. I usually aim for zombies attacking my comrades. When they go down, i have on extra pair of hands shooting at the ones on my back.

    And a shot gun is good weapon to have laying around too.

    Send them back in the freaking hole they came from. ???

  3. I know a good spot where they can’t even touch you. Unless it’s those spitters. Then I find a vehicle and drive to a boss and get its loot then i just head to the last zone and ez win I’ve mastered zombies by now

  4. Guys what s your max zombie kill in this mode ??? Just take 109 and y only play 1 month so y thing its not bad but y want your opinion also tell me your max kill ; )
    Have fun and kill them all !!!!!! Bad suckers ; )

  5. Go on the roof or on the ledge of the building so you just have to worry about spitters and jumpers. Kill the ground zombies when the morning comes. Just go down to get bullets if you run out and climb up again.

  6. Actually, going in houses isn't so bad. You can always go out one of the windows and stay on the edge of the second floor, and it works because zombies can not go out windows so you just have to worry about the zombies that jump and the ones that throw the green stuff.

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