How to be a better Sniper – Pubg mobile Tips & Tricks with TheBushka

How to be a better Sniper – Pubg mobile Tips & Tricks with TheBushka

I’ve done so many sniping vids now and they don’t really seem to get a lot of traction, this might not get the same kind of love as a hotdrop montage in third person, but its way more important.

Today we talk about the spotter/killer scope weapon combo and how you can use it to spot targets and kill faster.


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37 thoughts on “How to be a better Sniper – Pubg mobile Tips & Tricks with TheBushka

  1. I got sniped then I spectate on him and found out that the aim don't really need to accurate. The target just need to be inside the scope to be damaged. Is it true for all.gun?

  2. I kmo this is an old video bushka but I just thought of it u should do a best snipes video and a best squad wipes clutch moments video like a up till now video or a 2019 best of videos

  3. Always great content from you ,ps I don’t think a lot of the younger players like taking tips from someone older they want to watch the younger players , how you can change that I don’t know ,ps I think your doing a great job

  4. Thanks so so much for the informative videos it really helps new players such as me to figure out how to do these types of things properly to try and win more games!! Thanks Bushka.

  5. Hey Bushka The Main Problem I Have Is That, I Usually Have 130-160 Ping, And It Appears To Me That The Target Isn't Shooting So I Start Firing And All Of A Sudden I Am Killed

  6. How is it that when I shot even a non moving snake at about 800M,with the crosshair directly at his head, my bullet doesn't seem to land on him?

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