HOW TO BE A GOD ON GTA ONLINE! | Ultimate Freemode Tips and Tricks

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PS4 Accounts:

PC Specs:
-i5 2400
-GTX 1050Ti
-Windows 7?

What I use:
-Logitech g502 Mouse (1800, 1200 or 800 DPI)
-Corsair K30 Keyboard
-Elgato Game Capture HD
-Kontrol Freek Ultra (on PS4 controller)

33 thoughts on “HOW TO BE A GOD ON GTA ONLINE! | Ultimate Freemode Tips and Tricks

  1. Hey @motmus first of all, really great video. Ty for that

    Quick question:
    I noticed you had different settings at the beginning as you did in the "Sniping" section. Do you actively change your settings mid game depending on your situation? Or do you have a preference that you mainly stick with at all times?

    Thanks in advance if you manage to see this and take the time to answer <3

  2. Side steps with rifles with more than 2 Players is bullshit because if its a 4v4 its just spraying bullets . To use side steps is more effektiv if u have a gunfight 2v1 with Pistols. And snipers are forbidden in RnG just as explosives or helmets

  3. U can fight like this and not be a tryhard lol a tryhard is someone who uses these to hunt players, destroy cargo etc… honestly I’m gonna use some of this just for when someone comes after me when I’m doing stuff plus I’m way better playing more defensively I usually get rekd if I go after someone lol

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