How to make BILLIONS off the Stock Market – GTA 5 Story Mode(Super Fast and Easy!)

Just watched my video on how to make up to 2.1 billion? Do you have so much money that you don’t know where to start spending? While that‘s fine and dandy, I would much rather continue to get richer and richer!!! What can I say? I eat greed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! If you are interested in turning your fortunes into wealth that will last centuries! Check out this video, I hope you enjoy!

Thank you all for watching!!!

43 thoughts on “How to make BILLIONS off the Stock Market – GTA 5 Story Mode(Super Fast and Easy!)

  1. Mors mutual- kill people
    Augry insurance- destroy cars

    Let cops kill u to let time pass then do it again
    Wait for prices to drop and then invest when they hit rock bottom

  2. With this philosophy, you could have invested into ammunation before buying up a bunch, sell, buy augyinsurance, sell, basically anything that has a stock that you can affect. With that much capital, you make some serious cash. Great video. Subscribed.

  3. Why is $403,065,216 not enough? The golf course is 130-150M and the next closest business for cost is 30M. The rest are all a combined few million. SO with 200M you can buy everything and then spend the OTHER 200M on cars etc. What am I missing here? Seems unnecessary

  4. Most easiest way to rack up money through stocks is to do the Assassination Missions after completing the Storymode. After that you can either do the first method he explained on the video (Buy during Low Value then Sell When it gets High). The most important thing is you need to turn off your auto save and before you buy any stocks do a manual save so you can reload the file in an event of miscalculations in LCN stocks.

  5. I raise michael money yesterday from 14mill to 208mill in a few minutes without waiting weeks in game time or doing all this investing in marryweathers stocks…i gonna keep doing it tonight and gonna try if it works with trevor and franklin too.

  6. It says ‘You can purchase stocks from the markets page’ What does that mean because I’m on the exact page as you, and it just says that. What do I do?

  7. The best way to make money on ps4 ( I don’t know if this works on Xbox or pc) is by unpatch your game and doing the life invader stock market glitch. To do this what you have to do is save your game,

    Then close GTA v and remove disk

    Then go into settings, network and then turn off WiFi or disconnect Ethernet cable

    Then press the pause button on you’re ps4 controller while over GTA v and click delete

    Make sure you don’t turn internet back on or plug Ethernet back in. Then put disk back in and let download. And you will have an unpatched version of the game.

    What the glitch does: when you invest all your money into life invader and then go into my portfolio and click life invader then sell, sell all, and confirm and then you will get all your money back plus 50% of you’re money added.

    Once you get to the max money of 2.147 billion dollars for all the characters you have then save the game close GTA v and turn internet back on or plug back in Ethernet.

    Then once internet is connected push the pause button over the game and hit check for update once you do that wait for the update to be done and then re-launch game and enjoy your money

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