How to make money in GTA 5 (Stock Market Guide)

Grand Theft Auto V Tips & Tricks – A complete Stock Market guide that will teach you how to make a lot of money in GTA 5 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 (1080p)


● 0:03 – Introduction and money limit ($2,147,483,468)
● 1:33 – False myths and glitches
● 3:49 – LCN Stock Market – Make money withouth using assassination missions
● 5:35 – LCN Corporate Rivals
● 5:50 – BAWSAQ Stock Market – Introduction and HOW TO
● 8:16 – Reach the money limit using the Assassinations missions
● 9:07 – First Investment (Hotel Assassination) – BettaPharmaceuticals & Bilkinton
● 10:21 – Second Investment (The Third Way) – Merryweather
● 11:41 – Third Investment (The Multitarget Assassination) – Debonaire & Redwood
● 13:13 – Fourth Investment (The Vice Assassination) – Fruit & Facade
● 14:36 – Fifth Investment (The Bus Assassination) – Vapid
● 15:41 – Sixth Investment (The Construction Assassination) – GoldCoast
● 17:00 – Seventh Investment (Random Event – Hitch Lift #1) – Tinkle


Video recorded on: Sony PlayStation 4


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30 thoughts on “How to make money in GTA 5 (Stock Market Guide)

  1. does anybody know if redwood cigarettes still work after selling debonaire? i tried it and ive found a few other people say that the redwood investment no longer works.

  2. This isn’t rocket science to understand, but this video helps for what to buy at what time. To those who don’t understand how the stock market (in-game) works, you simply buy stocks in a business at a low price (maybe if they aren’t doing well), then you sell those stocks you bought at a low price, high. You can tell when a business is going to do well if they are at a low point on the sales figures, allowing you to predict how well the profit return will be. I hope that makes more sense for those who are confused.

  3. Tried risking all my money. The Merryweather stocks work. Buy Merryweather on all three characters the moment Trevor reaches his home in Blaine County after the main story/end credits and before Michael receives the email from Don Perceival

    This takes a lot of trial and error. If the stocks rise. Save the game, if it continues dropping, reload the last save game where you gained profit. This took me 2 to 3 hours of trial and error of saving and loading the game. I was able to get 114% profit in return.

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