How To Play Blackjack in GTA Online – Tips From A REAL DEALER! – "Basic Strategy"

Today i wanted to release the first of two videos covering strategies when playing the game of Blackjack. This is a basic tutorial explaining how to know when to hit, when to split, when to stay, and when to double down. In the second installment of this, we will cover betting strategies which, by the end, will allow you to play your most strategic games of Blackjack every time you visit the Diamond Casino & Resort.

38 thoughts on “How To Play Blackjack in GTA Online – Tips From A REAL DEALER! – "Basic Strategy"

  1. Normal rules don't apply for this gta blackjack. 16, stand.
    If you're not to 16 and on your third card, stand, the 4th will always be a face card or high enough to bust.

    I've played for millions and know from experience.

    Edit: also, if you get a 12 or greater and the dealer has no face cards down, get ready for that face card bust.

  2. Using the basic strategy to a tee. I lost 700k yesterday betting 50k a hand. For every 1 hand I won. The dealer won 4 every time. He hit blackjack 5 times. I hit once. It’s def rigged, I wanna stop playing but my dumbass will keep goin back and I always very rarely come up whether I try to make risky bets or I go strictly off the basic strategy ?

  3. I bought the penthouse for 1.2 million then played high limits bet 50 k every bet and u can do like 1 bet every 30 seconds won 10 million $ in 4 hours lost so many times got mad but in the end made hella cash

  4. I gave up on Blackjack in GTA's casino a while ago. Dealer gets way too many 21s and Blackjacks. 3 card poker and roulette are pretty spot on, though.

    I log on, farm out my gun running/business deliveries to net 300K, then go gamble it all away trying to get jackpots on slots. I think I have a problem. Lol

  5. GTA is 4 decks, S17, split to 2 hands, DAS, blackjack pays 3:2, shuffles every hand. House edge perfect basic strategy is 0.3991% My friend, the math says stand soft 17 rule lowers the house edge by 0.2%. Also, Wizard of Odds says your basic strategy is wrong for the rules you're playing with. Split 6's against 2-6. Don't double A7 against a 2. Never double A8 or A9. Always stand. Of course there are card counting exceptions but they mostly don't apply here. You say you were a dealer for 4 years, but I've been a professional blackjack player for 13 years and counting. You have some good information, but it is significantly lacking.

  6. Rigged. It will let you get up about 50 grand then it starts being completely against you. I love gta but this online grind for money is more time consuming than making money in real life

  7. I wish I watched this video yesterday before I lost over a mil and a half in GTA by flat betting and doubling down on damn near everything.

    Very educational. Eager to try again later and see how well I do.

  8. I know this is a game where crime is key, but you would've thought Rockstar would've tried harder to make it actually immersive. This version of blackjack is way too rigged to even be fun, much less realistic, and it robs you of both money and entertainment. On top of that, is the dealer even supposed to look at the facedown card? Sources I've seen say no, because it counts as counting cards which- at least where I'm from- is illegal.

  9. I stopped watching less than a minute in when you said that the dealer staying on soft 17 was bad for the players.

    It is not. It is in the house's best interest to hit a soft 17. By the house staying, you get about .2% more of an advantage.

    Source: advantage player for 6 years, dealer for 3. Also, any house edge calculator will tell you the same thing

  10. What happens if you have three cards, none the same? I was playing (and honestly, thank you, this helped me get 19 k chips) and I got a 5, a 2, and a 7. I hit, and luckily didn’t go over but, I couldn’t find it on the chart

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