How to Unlock Icons in FIFA 19 Career Mode (PC Only)

Icons are unlockable in FIFA 19 career mode on PC. In this video, I walk you through step by step of how to get all the Icons from FUT into Career Mode. And it is far simpler than you might imagine. This is a mod for the PC version of FIFA 19, and it sadly will not work for consoles. If you are are fan of Career Mode, you need to be playing the PC version of FIFA this year.

Icon Squad File:

Baby Icons w/ Prime Potential:

Prime Icons Only:

FIFA 19 Cheat Table (Donate to Aranaktu):

Cheat Table FAQs:

FIFA 19 ID Codes:

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I use the HD60 S Capture Card and Collapsible Green Screen from Elgato Gaming

48 thoughts on “How to Unlock Icons in FIFA 19 Career Mode (PC Only)

  1. I have a doubt. If I add these files with icon squads, will the squads of the other teams be the current players? For example, will Eden Hazard be at Real Madrid or will the squads refer to the date the mod was created? I'd love to start a career with legendary players, but I wish the other teams were up to date as well.

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