How To Win As Pathfinder In Apex Legends

Here’s how to be a professional with Pathfinder, one of Apex Legend’s most agile characters.
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27 thoughts on “How To Win As Pathfinder In Apex Legends

  1. Well I Just got apex and haven’t played yet but I saw pathfinder and I said out loud “dam he looks like a mother fucking Sniper version of C3-PO… then I watched this video and was like…. “so he’s a mother fucking hybrid of spider man and C3-PO?

  2. The only issue with playing Pathfinder aggressively is that he has the hitbox of the planet Jupiter, and if the enemy has an r99 or peacekeeper, you're at a severe disadvantage before you even shoot at each other.

  3. How to win as pathfinder? Already did 🙂
    All you really need to do is coordinate with your team when and where to shoot your zipline ult and use tour grapple to your advantage while foghting and learn that it has swing to it when you use it to get around corners. I won the match easily and i was with 2 other randoms

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