I Found the NEW Legendary Sentinel Sniper! – PS4 Apex Legends Season 4

With Season 4 of Apex Legends came the release of the Sentinel sniper. I’ve used this gun in a few videos already but in this video I managed to find the legendary version. This comes kitted out with a level 3 extended mag, sniper stock and also the 4x-10x Sniper Digital Threat Scope. It may be a little too much on console but I’d love to test this out on PC. I hope you guys enjoy the Apex Legends Season 4 Gameplay!

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45 thoughts on “I Found the NEW Legendary Sentinel Sniper! – PS4 Apex Legends Season 4

  1. I know you’re a pathfinder main but damn. That smoke is way more useful if you use it for more than just cover while you heal/loot/escape. Don’t put yourself in the smoke put your enemies in the smoke. You could have taken both those snipers out of the equation if you had just launched the smoke onto their positions and hit them with your 4-10 scope, Or pushed in while they were disoriented. You could have walled off one of the snipers with smoke while you dealt with the other. Bangalore is the best counter to snipers in the game by far. You just have to get creative with those canisters and your air strikes.

  2. Damn dude you are so chilled to watch and listen to. Just downloaded Apex 5 days ago with a buddy of mine. Never gave it a try because BR arent for me. But for now its hella fun and im enjoying the crap out of your videos. Much love from germany 😉

  3. It looks like you had a wolf running by, when your passive was triggered at harvester. It couldnt tell on my phone, but you should run that part of the video back. It's on the upper deck to your right when you come back out of the room.

  4. Rich: "When you miss that many shots, you might as well back up."
    Me: * adopts new strategy I'm dubbing 'offensive backpedalling', where I run about until I find an enemy, shoot about 10 shots around their hitbox and yeet *

  5. i just love this guy and he deserves all the recenet growth and support. For years he stayed loyal to call of duty content but barely recieved any support, now he thriving! enjoy life when it is good and acknowledge it, because you never know when the good times are happening until after they have faded

  6. i think the kraber is supposed to be better than the longbow in the sense that it has nearly no bullet drop, the bullets go extremely fast, and it seems to have almost no damage dropoff range, as well as it can two shot gibby and caustic shields, unlike the longbow.

    it should still do 70-75 base, in my opinion.

    and 140 to the head?

    and maybe just a wee bit faster fire rate, plz respawn?

  7. remember when you could switch the sights on the kraber?

    i have the bloodhound "dead to rights" pose, and funnily enough, hes holding a kraber with a 4x-10x digi on it, which doesnt exist anymore

  8. hello guys i'm a free to play gamer and i have been collecting crafting metals i have now 1180 almost 1200 i want to get the caustic legendary blackheart i've been told its the best legendary skin for caustic imean is there better legendary skins then the blackheart for caustic ?

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