I Might Have to Main Caustic… – PS4 Apex Legends

Caustic benefits from a lot of the map changes in Apex Legends season 4, and his kit is so fun to use. I have to play him more this season. I hope you guys enjoy the Caustic gameplay!

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Run – Ross Bugden:


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46 thoughts on “I Might Have to Main Caustic… – PS4 Apex Legends

  1. I think my favorite push ever was when me and friends were running Caustic, crypto, and revenant. Totem up, emp blast, and throw the gas bomb on em while they are aiming at the drone.

  2. Dude I love watching your videos, you are epic on Apex, I watch in amazement because im so poor on it, although for first time ever I have more kills than deaths lol.

  3. Yes, you wasted his ult a little, not that bad considering you don't play him but as you said when you had that little fight in the "bird cage" it would of been smart to open with your ult and then zipline in. Also when the team was below you was another good chance. Generally the less open the area the better because the two times you used it they were able to just walk right out after a tick of damage. Either use it for attacking or for defence/cover. Its handy if you down two people right next to each other too to just throw it down incase they have a gold knockdown while you focus on the last teammate.

  4. I won a game today with the strat you speak of. But it was on accident. Final zone was mirage voyage. I had my canisters behind the speakers in the jacuzzi room facing the grills. Teammate placed his totem on another side of the speaker. They got taken out by a Gibby and he hit the totem without activating my canister. I lit him with the 301 and when he ported back was instantly dead. I didn't even mean to but it won us the game. Definitely going to use it more often.

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