I Told You This Gun Was NOT a Sniper! – PS4 Apex Legends

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20 thoughts on “I Told You This Gun Was NOT a Sniper! – PS4 Apex Legends

  1. You’re screaming “teammate please” but you don’t even communicate go to game chat and talk to the team, sometimes good content also comes from your random match ups. Keep that in mind brother, no hate intended

  2. I also have been complaining ahem criticizing that the G7 scout is not a sniper and should be considered a semi-auto AR and I wished their was a shield started weak and got stronger as you got kills as its own mode where everyone start we lvl 1 body shield and it gets stronger after getting the kills. I also stated I want a mode called Plague where you can't heal in the red zone. I also want to be able to dual wield Mozambique. An idea for a legend I had: (1) I think it would be interesting if there was a character about hoarding. Passive: can have double the ammo per stack, tactical: place a mount for weapons for better accuracy. Ultimate: Beserker mode: an adrenaline shot allows melees to be combo-ed by using both hands and melee recovery time is quadrupled, melee damage is doubled, and running while holstering is doubled for 15 seconds. In the end, leaving feedback always helps.

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