I'm forced to play this way now.. (Apex Legends PS4)

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Want to improve your Gameplay? Try getting a controller from Scuf! Use code “JANKZ” on checkout to get a discount on a new controller! 🙂

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50 thoughts on “I'm forced to play this way now.. (Apex Legends PS4)

  1. I use to main lifeline on xbox but I recently started playing apex on ps4 and I love it more and I am liking bloodhound A LOT. I picked LL at the start of apex because I usually play support on any other game and i love her to death, but I'm just bored of her abilities because that's who I've been mainly playing the whole time. I'm just burnt out with her

  2. Its so dumb….. normally i play ranked most of the day and if i wanna just chill and hear music in public i have to try harder than in ranked to get some good rounds its just dumb… thanks Respawn

  3. Jankz is amazing. I am sorry that many people don’t like SBMM but it is crucial for the life of Apex. Otherwise, people like me just die. How much do you want to play a game where you just die all the time. Lobbies may be sweaty for the Jankz $ #iTemp level players but for some of us it’s sweaty all the time. And if you really want to go beat up a bunch of people, create a fake account and have fun like the other 50,000 preds that abuse the average player.

  4. Y'all trippin %100 SBMM isnt a thing especially one OCE servers try finding a game a 12pm-8am and it will take 15 minutes give or take and it's either you're a new level 8 waiting to get clapped or you're the level 300+ chilling crossmap with his g7 and peacekeeper with choke

    Maybe %5 of each game is in the middle as in an "Adverage player" which in all honesty are worse than the level 8 lol

  5. How is it that EVERY streamer has the heirlooms and I’ve stuck on level 100 for almost a year before they decided to raise the cap and I still don’t have any ?‍♂️

  6. I quit this game because of sbmm. Great game that I love with all my heart but it’s just not fun anymore. I actually started playing titanfall 2 because i mainly play this game because of mobility . I really recommend it!

  7. I don’t understand why the people are bitching about SBMM, I recently got into apex and my brother who has been playing for a long time is also bitching about it. I’d rather play against people on my skill level so I can have fun while being garbage much more than playing against 2k+ kills that can kill me in a second.

  8. It's just a theory but I read its from people constantly making smurf accounts to play with newer players so technically we did it to ourselves. Which is why they wont take it away. ??‍♂️

  9. BaByGiRl-47 here!
    ❗️I got to play with you today!! Even though we landed in sorting factory and it was short lived I am still over the moon that I was even in your squad and got to play with you for a few minutes! I wish I had atleast been able to pick up a gun ?? lol.

    Anyways, you may not ever see this comment but I watch you faithfully and I just wanna say I LOVE your content and your personality and you’re all around amazing.
    I LOVE YOU lol!

    Keep doing what you do!
    Sincerely: Katie— a HUGE fan ???

  10. I think SBMM is only a part of the problem.

    The 3 meta guns have been meta for so long everyone knows to grab them and everyone is good with them. The G7 will eventually make this the 4 meta guns.

    Also not enough rewards to pull those good teams into ranked.

  11. Yeah i dont understand this Apex shit. Before this season i enjoyed playing the game. Ranked or not, usually solo or duos, the random is always leaaagues below in terms of skill and iq for the game, and i am only Plat. Im talking about my teammates dont even have decent Kill totals or Dmg totals for their characters. sometimes even getting matched with gold players. THERE IS NO WAY IM SUPPOSE TO BE THE BEST PLAYER ON EVERY SOLO QUE TEAM, im flattered Apex thinks solo players are that good but jesus. How is that fair to me or anyone else whos trying to solo que? If I am the only person alive I am basically forced to camp and wait it out for other teams to kill each other but who wants to play like that? Sitting in a house for 15 minutes, no kills, no dmg, comes out only to attempt to defeat the last squad.. fuck that.

  12. When I play I always find poor team players! And strong enemies…..and always I'm forced too play Normal mode of Apex like predator's lobbie…. DAMN IT….(We are forced to create teams) COME ON APEX……..i hate this matchmaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Dude am i weird if i say i don’t like peacekeeper or r99?
    My dream loadout is hemlok and triple take

    BTW if you are looking for a noob player trying to be Good with like 0 likes then you’re Good at my Chanel
    (You don’t have to just despiratly trying to pull my Chanel out of unfamiliarty)

  14. It's even harder for people who are not streamers are above average players and who like playing pubs after sweating in ranked only to sweat even harder in pubs ?

  15. I must have been bumped down a tier in sbmm because I've been dropping high kills and high damage lately. Finally got my 2.5k badge and double digit kills this season

  16. In order for a game to stay in business they need new players. Those players are not going to be good and if they are never even getting a chance to survive because they have super good teams melting them every second they won’t want to stay with the game.

  17. To me Sbmm has always been meant for ranked play or league like back during bo2. To have to try hard in every "causal lobby" aka play apex has completely defeated the point of the ranked play. I think it is going to drive new players away and some causal players and the player base is going to become stale and drop.

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