Increase Your Winning Chance – Solo | PUBG

This is the closest video to a how to win more games in solo queue in PUBG. However it is impossible to make a how to win video, so this is more a guide with some tips and tricks, and some examples of how I play the late games. Remember some of this is my personal opinion, if you do not agree – that’s just fine, but do share your point of view for a healthy discussion. Don’t forget to join the Discord. 🙂

This video contains:
0:58 | Kill Feed
2:01 | Bushes
3:18 | Planning Ahead
5:46 | Shit Shacks
6:54 | Game Example 1
13:20 | Game Example 2

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20 thoughts on “Increase Your Winning Chance – Solo | PUBG

  1. Some of you are asking why I drop my backpack late game. Well I do so, to be harder to spot while laying flat on the ground – you won't need a ton of equipment to take out the last few guys, so why not have an edge. I've spotted a lot of players just by their backpacks late game.

  2. Once, i was in a shack by a road, and i was with my best friend. We were telling each other scary stories, and someone walks in, and we look right at them, and start ass blasting them with our AKM's. It was freaking hilarious! ?

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