INSANE 6000 DAMAGE GAME! (PS4 Apex Legends)


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24 thoughts on “INSANE 6000 DAMAGE GAME! (PS4 Apex Legends)

  1. You play with an xim adapter, you can see that directly.
    don't use the mouse and keyboard, then you can continue talking.

    Edit: This dude is 100% using a Xim adapter, mouse, and keyboard. When he grapples, you can see how he air strafes after the grapple releases. That doesn’t happen with a controller.

  2. You deserve more clout man it gets me mad to see how good you are and more eyes aren’t on you like the other’s that don’t deserve it especially the fact that you’re humble and not toxic to ANYone no matter who they are from what I’ve seen on here and Twitter. All the other guys have HUGE egos and are just making the apex community garbage besides the tight little circle they have. Keep it up puffer you deserve way more than you already have man stay humble

  3. Can you do a debunk video debunking all the pc players theories about controllers. Shroud for example was saying aim assist gives an unfair advantage with muzzle flash and visual inhibiting features like incendiary grenades and smoke etc. His argument was they'll have to get rid of muzzle flash if they want to enable cross play

  4. For anyone who says that pufferfish has a xim, you’re dead wrong. I own a xim, and you can only do scuffed controller movements on the xim adapter. There are so many reasons why it’s obvious he is on a controller.

    1. He loots using his d-pad. On a Xim, you’re most likely to use the mouse as a scroll feature (you can’t control the cursor of the mouse.)

    2. He plays on a low sense. If you play on a xim, you’re practically forced to use max sensitivity then change your mouse sensitivity in the app. If he were to as a xim, he would have a much faster sensitivity which anyone would be able to pick out. He wouldn’t take so long to turn, you would be able to see small movements with the mouse and his aim wouldn’t look so stiff.

    3. Watch his streams, he plays controller

    4. He misses shots a xim would be able to hit. Using a mouse he would easily hit shots, wether it was a good day for him or not.

    Just because someone can control recoil does not mean that they play on a MNK, from my experience controller is WAY easier to control recoil, try pulling down your right stick more.

    Just because someone is better than you doesn’t mean that their on a xim.

    (Although it doesn’t matter, I’ve quit using my xim because the gaming is much more enjoyable on a controller, plus it’s better for movement especially on apex.)

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