Let's Play Apex Legends for a bit then PUBG coz Apex Legends is borked

Two Apex Legends PC gameplay streams in one week? Nice! This week’s Eurogamer stream and we finally have a full squad! Will Ian, Johnny and Aoife be able to repeat the double win that Ian pulled off last week or will this evening stream be a titan fail? Find out, live and interactive, right here!

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17 thoughts on “Let's Play Apex Legends for a bit then PUBG coz Apex Legends is borked

  1. I understand you guys will stream more Apex Legends but when it comes to streaming I think I like PUBG better because of the slower pace. I feel like you get to read more comments and are a bit more relaxed and interactive between yourselves and us. Either way I just love streams where all 3 of you are present. Keep up the great work!

  2. Børk børk. Sound of that scandinavian fabled monster, the camelpig.

    The inane casual insanity born from eurogamer never fails to amaze. Even when the games part borks. Thank you.

  3. 6.9 FM Butts radio – DJ Higton Sings the Apex Tunes Collection – Cassette 1
    1. I believe in a thing called loot (just schnaffled from the heavens up above)
    2. Shot in the butt (Pxlrngr’s to blame, there’s no loot for E-ane)
    3. I’m the best – around! (nobody’s gonna keep my lootin’ down)
    4. Eonnn Squeeon, yeah. Der der loots. (Landing song)
    5. It’s the circle of loots
    6. Schnaffle – schnaffle schnaffle – schnaffle schnaffle – I love to schnaffle schnaffle
    7. I schnaffle that way. (Tell me why? Don’t have any good loot. Tell me why? I’m schnaff-er-lin’ bad loot)
    8. Bring you back to life. (Wake me up! I can’t aim for sh*t. Save me from my sausage aim tonight.)
    9. Im going to the shops (Berderbebehbeh having funtime with my friends) (Feat. Randy Ian)
    10. I like sliding on my bum (du du du du – actually it’s your knees)
    11. Yoink Yoink Yoink Yoink Yoink Yoink (all the loot is here for looting. Yoink yoink yoink yoink yoink yoink all the looting for Ee-on. In my pockets in my bum maybe not in my bur-erm)

    B-side Bonus track (Aoife’s accelerant song) Nomnomnomnomnom

  4. So far I'm really not sold on the "fly, land, pick up stuff, die" repeat that this game seems to revolve around. I suspect it's more entertaining watching you guys play than trying it myself.

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