LSPD vs LCPD – Police AI (GTA IV vs GTA V)

a comparison between GTA IV police AI and GTA V police AI.

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31 thoughts on “LSPD vs LCPD – Police AI (GTA IV vs GTA V)

  1. GTA 5 cops- Stupidly overpowered, annoying, takes forever to lose them, always bald, teleportation, shoot you for no reason, aimbot accuracy, and nobody likes them.
    GTA 4 cops- balanced, easy to lose them, sometimes fat, a lot more forgiving, say the funniest quotes, do the funniest things, actually miss their shots, and everyone loves them.
    No competition, GTA 4 > GTA 5

  2. GTA 5 just basically exposed how abusive cops have been in the last decade…police brutality has severely crippled the image of justice in America as of late. I say all this not of bias but as of recent photographic and documented fact not opinion. ? we only get one chance to rebuild humanity…dont fuck it up for the world….those are my words.

  3. its kinda funny, and kinda sad that rockstar can't give us realistic police that are better drivers, and dont always shoot first. 4 did have better cops, but then again…they still drove like shit.

  4. By the way the reason why the lspd did shoot you not the npc glitch is evertime you stand in front of a lspd or a lcpd while there driving that will get you a wanted level

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