LSPDFR – GTA 5 – Basic Controls and Shortcuts Tutorial!

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Hey guys, so I decided to put together a quick tutorial for the new comers on basic controls and using shortcuts via the console available with the LSPDFR mod.

The tutorial covers:
1. Three different ways of going on Duty
2. Pulling over a vehicle
3. Stopping a pedestrian
4. Calling for Transport
5. Transporting a suspect to jail
6. Interactive & Backup menus
7. Console shortcuts (spawning, repairing, and cleaning a vehicle; restoring health; teleporting)

Important things forgot to mention:
1. Call for Backup during pursuits/traffic stops
During pursuits and traffic stops, you are able to call for backup. To do this, simply press ‘B’ which will open a backup menu. Select the unit you would like to join the pursuit or provide assistance during a traffic stop and press ‘Enter’.
2. Stopping a fleeing vehicle
To stop a fleeing suspect, try and block their car. In the short time frame you have, get out of your car, draw your weapon, press and hold ‘E’ to make the suspect give up and get out of the car.

30 thoughts on “LSPDFR – GTA 5 – Basic Controls and Shortcuts Tutorial!

  1. I made a quick summary of everything said in the video. The tutorial is excellent (thanks Iggy!), but its good to have something to refer back to whilst playing:

    H – Siren and Lights
    E – Speak to the Driver / Generally Interact
    N – Interaction Menu
    B – Police Backup Menu
    X – Force a Callout
    Y – Accept Callout
    J – Disable Sirens
    SHIFT – Pull Over

    To Go On Duty:
    – Visit police station (shield icon)
    – Or press F9 whilst jumping

    To Get a Police Car:
    – F4 then type "Spawn Police"

    To Fix Car:
    – Press F4 then type "Repair"

    To Heal Yourself:
    – Press F4 then type "Heal"

    To Check Suspect Info in Car:
    – Go back to police car press E to open up computer and type their name
    – Or press N to bring up the interaction menu and search

    To Check a Pedestrian:
    – Approach them and hold E then use E on proceeding menu options

    To Arrest Suspect and Have Them Transported Away:
    – Handcuff them using E
    – Approach from behind and press E to set them on the ground
    – Press B to bring up backup menu
    – Select <Code 2> then Local Transport Unit

    To Arrest Suspect and Manually Transport Them:
    – Handcuff them using E they will then follow you around
    – Go back to your car and press F
    – Wait for suspect to get in
    – Get in car and drive him to jail (bars or shield icon on map)
    – Press E to open door then E again to get them out
    – Walk them into a jail cell

    To Stop Fleeing Car:
    – Try and block their car in
    – Quickly get out of your car and draw your weapon
    – Press and hold E to make the suspect give up and get out

    To Call for Backup During Pursuits:
    – Press B to open the backup menu
    – Select unit you would like to help join the pursuit and press Enter

  2. It tells me hold right stick to initiate a pursuit but I can never get it to work. Does anyone know which plugin initiate a pursuit comes from so I can edit ini file?

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