Master Overwatch Player iMpRoVeS at APEX Legends (w/ Commentary)

Check out my improvement! yay!
I really like this game now! ^_^
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16 thoughts on “Master Overwatch Player iMpRoVeS at APEX Legends (w/ Commentary)

  1. You should try out Pathfinder, I've been using him now that his hitbox is fixed and once you get used to how his hook works the veticle mobility is so fun and very useful
    I just had a great game with him both my squad mates left at the beginning but I still got 8 kills and did over 2k damage, being able to freely reposition up to high ground is so good!

  2. 13:42 I think it depends on whether they have Bloodhound on their team or not because I know that he has an ability like Hanzo's Sonic Arrow to sense enemy players within a given area other than that I don't know.

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