Master Overwatch Player Plays and Reviews APEX Legends for the First Time!

LOL…That wasn’t as easy as I suspected! Well, enjoy laughing at my fails!
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22 thoughts on “Master Overwatch Player Plays and Reviews APEX Legends for the First Time!

  1. When you look back over this first video you made and all those items you walked passed do you chuckle alittle to yourself and think”it was my first time playing” ????

  2. That bloodhound you were playing with.I can't even. –__– He basically was just giving away your location with his sight ability. When nobody is around it doesn't highlight anyone but people can still see the yellow circle from him using his ability what's worse is that he knows nobody is around because he can track footprints. He pops his ability shoots and chucks grenades and then makes a beeline towards them. Like seriously, what was he expecting to happen?

  3. I felt the same way. So confusing. I’m a PC player. More confusing in my opinion. The only reason I knew what to pick up and what it all does because my husband been playing it and learned from a streamer what to do that we played with. I felt like I was shooting so much yet no kill. Frustrating. The game does not explain the items well to you. Like what ammo goes with which gun. What scopes of add ons go with which gun. Body and head armor. Shield. Like I had no idea what all it was or about. Training does not give you a lot of info.

  4. I think it would help if maybe when you drop you have like about 3 minutes to look for supplies to prepare or stay invisible to other squads if you already have enough supplies.

    After the 3 minutes are up, the game shows all nearby enemies on the map for like 2 minutes. Then it keeps going like that for the rest of the match.

    This way you won't be spending almost a entire match not finding anyone till the very end and makes the game more exciting and fast paced.

  5. Imma be honest; I don't like it, I wasn't a fan of fortnite, and while I was hoping this was like a hybrid of overwatch, I was disappointed. I don't like the fact when I die, that's it– its rare if my teammates try to rez me, and it's literally a pain killing someone, unless it's me then I'm just fucking wiped out. I like the characters and weapons, but the game just ain't my jam. I'm sorry, but it isn't; maybe if I was to force myself to play it more I'd get comfortable, but I just don't like it, I don't like how I can't use a different character in training, I hate how short training is, I don't like it. I'm sad it's basically similar to fortnite

  6. FTK, I love Apex Legends, it's my favorite BR game (I kinda liked fortnite until you would run up and the last few squads and cities would all of a sudden get built, and i would be standing there with my gun looking straight up), but if you don't end up liking it it's cool, I'm still Team FTK. I'm glad you're gonna look up some video's for pointers, they will help you, I did the same thing. For one, don't begin looting next to your teammate, find a different room. You wanna loot the area as a team, and point out/drop ammo and attachments when you've found the loadout you want to play in that particular game.

    When it comes to the topic of waiting—- I feel if you got familiar with the weapon attachment/modification system it would help with the dull moments. There were times in this video when you would run up on death boxes with purple(maybe a yellow) and blue items in them, and you just waited for your teammate to loot while you held a bare bones gun. You could have been looting, looking for better armor, a barrel stabilizer, turbocharger, better optics, stock, etc. All of these things will help you in a gunfight.

    A lot of people play this game very aggressively, and they don't spend a lot of time sitting and waiting. Bloodhound is a good hero for tracking down enemy teams, if you want to always be on the move. Wraith is good and closing the distance if you wanna get up close for combat. My play style is mid-range to up close, so my ideal loadout is a devotion and peacekeeper.

    I guess you'll learn all this and more from the vids you watch anyway, but don't get down. The second match I played some dude turned his mic on and flipped out on me because i picked up purple armor he called in on his care package, and I didn't know how to drop it. I was pushing everything, firing weapons, including the game record button, lol. Good thing our other teammate was cool and told me how (hit options), and he found some blue armor for me.

  7. As A person on PS4 and plays the he’ll out of the game I could let let know right don’t walk so close to people lol
    P.S. it feels like walking around because the squad you were with was hugging the storm. If you want more action drop into hot zones or go where fighting is

  8. I think Apex Legends is ass. You don't even spawn with a weapon and there's nothing to do but run around and kill. At least in Overwatch there are objectives besides FFA.

  9. FTKComputer the game really doesn't tell you which is f*** up but you more or less need to try out which guns work for you and unfortunately the only way to test out Legends is in an actual game so I took a couple games to more or less see which Legends I like versus their ultimates and their tactical abilities and there's different grades and shields so you could shoot someone about 20 times and if they have a yellow helmet along with yellow body armor they most likely won't die and it depends on what you shot them with

  10. A few tips.

    Press the touch pad more to check your map. That's essential.

    To see what items you've in your inventory, press options.

    The ammo are colour coded for your guns. Green is heavy. Yellow is light. Red is for shotgun shells. And the other one which I can't remember the colour for is energy. The gun you equip will tell you what ammo is required.

    And if you're gonna play Lifeline, use the ultimate accelerator a lot since her ultimate takes the longest to charge and its useful in the beginning of the match. It gives you a fair amount of defensive gear.

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