Mi Notebook Air Gaming Review – GTA V And Witcher 3

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air Gaming review part 2. GTA V and Witcher 3, with thermals and FPS. Part one here: It’s $609 here with coupon XM13Jo

More titles tested:

– Rise of the Tomb Raider Benchmark
– Call of Duty MW3
– Project Cars
– League of Legends
– Fallout 4
– Battlefield 4
– Counter Strike Global Offensive
– Heaven 4.0 Benchmark (Basic preset)
– Thermal or Power Limit throttling?

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33 thoughts on “Mi Notebook Air Gaming Review – GTA V And Witcher 3

  1. Hey… Would you test the games again, with the "game mode" of Windows 10 enabled, to see if performance differs ?
    Maybe tunning the settings a little, i thought that 1080p for Tomb Raider was too high…

  2. It can be best in games. When his cool-systems begin getting 12.5W graphic card reduce frequency. Use good cooler pad and fps value will more (sorry for my English not so well)

  3. The usb C cable u charge the notebook seem not from the box, are u using portable charge which slimer n lighter than the original from the box? If so, could u show me the link to purchase

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