My Future In Pro Apex? (In-Depth) – Nicewigg Apex Legends PC Gameplay

What’s up guys! A bit of a different video today. You may know that for the last 3 Apex Tournaments, I have been a member of Counter Logic Gaming and played alongside Nokokopuffs and ImMadness. For the first half of today’s video I just wanted to update you all on some important news regarding team for the upcoming tournaments. I keep it real in the video and I always will. My upload schedule lately has also been affected by this lately, but i’m excited to finally let you guys know a little bit about what’s been going on. If you don’t care for the announcement, you can skip to the gameplay at 13:35 :). Just a solid pub game, the game at the end isn’t with my new team.


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40 thoughts on “My Future In Pro Apex? (In-Depth) – Nicewigg Apex Legends PC Gameplay

  1. Hey man nicewigg, I know you posted this a week ago, but if you see this, I’m just letting you know me and one of my friends got you as a random teammate back in season 1, and we were super bad back then, but you were SO fun to play with and we loved your stream from there on out. I did notice you changing but I had no idea what you were going through mentally. I am so thankful you have posted this and I am so exited to keep watching where you go going forward

  2. I love you wigg <3 I respect the living hell out you and everything you've done, and I feel everything you went through recently with team problems and confidence issues and I'm with you brother its time to pop the fuck off and show the world what we can all do as players. Let's fucking get it

  3. All I can say is HOLY F#&%. I'm watching this at 2 am bc I cannot seem to grow in ranked and raged quit (I got delayed for an hour and a half). At first i was juss gonna go to bed mad af bc on top of that, I bust my A$$ off and continue to have 0 viewers in the stream. After watching this vid wigg has inspired the LIVING CRAP outta me. So much so that I'm setting an alarm at 3:30am to get back up with a "winning mentality" and ima POP TFFFF OFFFF. When I tell you that all wigg has done was give me positive vibes and hes done it again. GGs✊??

  4. First 13 minutes were some of the most motivation words I’ve heard in probably the longest time. !1love dogg. I wish you the best of luck you could possibly get on your competitive journey. I honestly try not to believe it or not, but if I caused any ruckus or stirred up any trouble in your chat with my presence I apologize to you now and in advance for all of it. I don’t expect a response but I wanted to let you know that much at the very least. It’s given me a real kick in the ass, but it was much needed. Salute to you! God bless!

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