My Squad's LOOTED! – PS4 Apex Legends

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30 thoughts on “My Squad's LOOTED! – PS4 Apex Legends

  1. I could literally watch a 34 min. video where Rich would play two games in one video. If he were to do that (by the way Rich, you are the top YouTuber I am watching right now. I have been really into Apex a lot lately.)

  2. Man can you teach me? Do some firing range and some matches? Especially cause we both like to move and go for all the fights I just can get over 7 kills a game….I got 9 once but that was before I switched to ps4(which is sadder cause I average 8 on 2 systems ?????‍♂️)

  3. Looting people is the way to go not opening supply beams

    -Itemp plays 2020
    Me yesterday…”gets a legendary r-3o1 from a beam and gets a legendary sniper from a lifeline ultimate”

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