NEW* Fortnite SHOTGUN NERF? Official PATCH NOTES Are Here!

Fortnites new patch notes update was just released and we uncover all of the details within. Unfortunately it looks like the shotguns in fortnite have been changed! to be similar in headshot multiplier “Adjusted the headshot multiplier of the Tactical Shotgun so it’s now in line with the headshot multiplier of the Pump Shotgun. ” so this is is definitely a nerf!

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28 thoughts on “NEW* Fortnite SHOTGUN NERF? Official PATCH NOTES Are Here!

  1. The "Thing in a couple weeks" that he's talking about is (probably) COPPA, which is a Child Protection law that YouTube is panicking over. It can, and probably will, kill a LOT of channels. In these few weeks, channels have to decide whether or not ALL of their content is child friendly by that time, and any videos that are child friendly when it's said that they aren't, or videos that are non child friendly when it's said that they are will cause losses up to $42000 per video that is miscategorized. This is going to be a very… difficult… period for youtube.

  2. I hate when I land, pick up trap but can't be used til 10 seconds later idk if it's glitch or a Nerf but it gets me killed, also when you emote and your players freezes.

  3. Dangit I just got used to that inventory slot glitch because I thought it was an intended change. I actually liked it. Good for quicker swapping in fights while moving

  4. Talk about making a big fuss over literally no actual changes. Thats problem with youtubers over hype every little detail and acts like its life changing. Quit the dick riding.

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