NEW HIDDEN Patch Notes* Fortnite Chapter 2

New fortnite update covering some of what is new to fortnite chapter 2 and what was changed in the recent patch notes! Now unfortunately epic games did not release the patch notes the way they traditionally do so i decided to put together an update video on my own covering the best of what i could and what was available from todays patch!

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34 thoughts on “NEW HIDDEN Patch Notes* Fortnite Chapter 2

  1. i want epic too come out with patch notes look its just plain dumb to release updates and not tell anyone i think epic is secretly trying to kill there game

  2. Thanks Monster! I keep getting a bug where I can't shoot or heal or emote or anything if I'm riding as a passenger on boats. Is anyone else having that issue? It really kills when my squad is trying to rotate and we take fire bc I can't shoot back. Just wanna make sure it isn't on my end.

  3. Monster please if you are cool can you do the full patchnotes video as epic as dropped the ball on that.
    I would love to have the patchnotes even later after the update is released i would like to know.

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