New open-wheel F1 races in GTA Online!
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45 thoughts on “NEW OPEN WHEEL F1 RACES in GTA Online! *INSANE*

  1. Honestly these races arent playable if its not non contact because people dont know how to drive and literally only 2-3 first people get out of the first corner alive

  2. doesn't matter, no matter how good you are the HACKERS WILL ALWAYS BE BETTER, literally just got out of 3 games in a row that I am getting spawned outside my car ever time i lap a dude and he skirts ahead of me and takes 1st. Was in a game earlier that I my car was blowing up (along with every racer on the track save one) causing me to re spawn upside down

  3. The key in these races is knowing when and where too turn. Particularly in the chicanes learning how too maximize your exit speed rather than trying to maintain top speed threw each turn will be important.

  4. The boost is like the KERS system, but the boost only being available after lap 1 is like the DRS system (F1 does not allow DRS until after 1 lap, sometimes more.)

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